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Client Onboarding Process

In a simple, timely, interactive and professional manner.

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Get familiar with how we will complete your project.

We value your feedback, rate our onboarding process and let us know where we can improve. Email us at:


First things first, we will send you a comprehensive Proposal that includes the Contract, Pricing and Billing details.


Before we begin working on your project, we need to ensure that we have all the necessary information to get started, including your goals and relevant docouments.


We will assign your project to a team and have internal meetings on your project's summary, objectives and timelines, then get the project rolling.


This is the meeting that gets it all started. It will cover major deliverables and responsibilities (including a detailed timeline of action). It will also cover what scope creep looks and what should happen when it occurs.

Welcome Package

We will have Introductions between your team and ours. We will answer any of your questions or queries, and outline how the project will proceed in this meeting. We will also share our business cheat sheet, welcome video, case studies and any resources that help you to get the most out of your project with Ashley Mupfawa Services.

Check Up

This follow-up meeting is our opportunity to make sure that everything is running smoothly and that we are on track. If we catch any mistakes, we will actively apply ourselves to immediately remedy them going forward.


We are well aware that projects do not always go according to plan, this is why we leave room to go back to the drawing board and improve the process.


Before the project closure we make it a point to provide you with feeback on project status. This is an opportunity for us to gather feedback from you as well.


Upon project completion, we will send you, a customer feedback survey. This is your opportunity to shower us with your praises for a job welldone.

We want to collaborate with you on your next project. Get in touch with us.